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Thứ ba, 01/03/2016, 19:30 GMT+7

Over the past week, information and pictures of the KingKong:
Skull Island crew from Legendary Pictures (USA) filming in Quang Binh, Ha Long and Ninh Binh have been a major topic of interest in Vietnam, 
as this can be a great opportunity to promote Vietnam tourism to the global audience. 




In addition to preparing 45 tons of equipment, the film crew had to make sure they had proper means of transport for over 200 members, including many world-famous Hollywood directors.They chose DCar Limousines to travel across different locations of filming: Quang Binh, Ninh Binh, Hanoi and several others.





Sự lựa chọn của các ngôi sao

Along with DCar President, DCar Limousine is a major product line of DCar a young brand that has emerged as a ‘phenomenon’ in the cars industry in Vietnam.
The original 16-seat Ford Transit is transformed into a 7-seat luxury car with all mod cons.
The interior has been re-designed into the standard limousine style, which allows spacious and comfortable seating for every passenger, as well as  various utilities such as refrigerator, hi-speed Wifi connection, charging ports for mobile devices and LCD screens.
The full-option version of DCar President includes portable working desks and sound-proof walls separating the passenger compartment and the driver cabin. The storage is wide enough to carry numerous over-sized baggages.


With these superior features, DCar quickly becomes the favorite choice of many famous businessmen and artists. In December, 2015, world-renowned supermodel Jessica Minh Anh traveled on a DCar President during her short stay in Ho Chi Minh city. She was a honored judge for a modeling competition. Each DCar vehicle has been creafully refurbished by a team of specialists in DCar. The brand has extended its presence beyond Vietnam through exporting products to foreign enterprises.

The fact that the Kong: Skull Island film crew chose DCar as transportation partner in Vietnam clearly proves the top quality of their service. 



DCar Limousines picked up the Kong


Kỷ nguyên vận chuyển hành khách cao cấp

Hiện nay, các nhà xe chạy tuyến cố định từ bắc vào nam đều đầu tư dòng xe này để phục vụ khách hàng cao cấp của họ như: Ninh Quỳnh Limousine (Hà Nội - Lạng Sơn), Hà Lan Limousine (Hà Nội - Thái Nguyên), Phúc Xuyên (Hà Nội - Quảng Ninh), Hoa Mai Limousine (Sài Gòn - Vũng Tàu), Sơn Nguyên Limousine (Sài Gòn - Cần Thơ)...

Many transportation agencies operating on fixedroutes from North to South of Vietnam have invested in these high-end vehicles, including Ninh Quynh Limousine (Ha Noi - Lang Son), Ha Lan Limousine (Ha Noi - Thai Nguyen), Phuc Xuyen (Ha Noi - Quang Ninh), Hoa Mai Limousine (Sai Gon - Vung Tau), Son Nguyen Limousine (Sai Gon - Can Tho)... Recently, car rental companies have paid their attention to DCar in order to provide first-class transportation services for foreign businesses working in Vietnam.
Europe Luxury, HTH Limousine and several others have chosen DCar  for this new form of transport. Mr. Le Thanh Tuan, Sales Manager of DCar, has affirmed that high-end transportation will be the main business of DCar in 2016. As Vietnam is quickly developing, the demands for high-quality transport services also increase steadily. This form of transportation often serves VIP customers, which means best vehicles, best services and best conveniences on the move. A new era of first-class passenger transportation has begun in Vietnam. 

Written by: Hoang Dinh - Thanh Nien Newspaper

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