About DCar Vietnam

Three years after launching the first commercial DCar Limousine, DCar have achieved considerable success and built up great customer trust in our wide range of high-quality services and products. 
DCar take pride in being the first and only manufacturer/exporter of limousine-styles vehicles in Vietnam.


Dcar opens a new era in transport

DCar Limousines have been used widely by travel agencies and transport companies for the new high-end transportation service.
There are travel and tourism businesses using DCar Limousines all over Vietnam:
Hoa Mai Limousine (Vung Tau), Phuc Xuyen Limousine (Quang Ninh), Ha Lan Limousine (Thai Nguyen), Van Anh Limousine (Thanh Hoa), HAV Limousine (Hue), Tưong Gia Thinh Phat (Bien Hoa), Son Nguyen Limousine (Can Tho), Cuc Tung Limousine (Nha Trang)…


DCar’s current products:

Ford DCar New: The ideal choice for business.

Ford DCar President: World-class aircraft on the ground.

Fuso DCar Limousine: The very first 19-seat Limousine in Vietnam.

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Tel.: (08) 3950 3909
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