Dcar limousine

First-class and personalized experience on the move
Từ 3,880,000,000 VND
Trải nghiệm sự sang trọng đẳng cấp theo phong cách Hoàng Gia trên từng chiếc xe DCAR
Từ 3,380,000,000 VND
Trải nghiệm sự thoải mái, riêng tư chưa từng có như khách sạn trên xe DCAR
Từ 2,580,000,000 VND đến 2,630,000,000 VND
Trải nghiệm các hạng ghế thương gia máy bay trên phương tiện di chuyển đường bộ
Từ 1,248,000,000 VND đến 1,498,000,000 VND
Xe thế hệ mới vận chuyển hành khách
Từ 1,718,000,000 VND đến 1,980,000,000 VND
World-class aircraft on the ground

- 7-seat VIP cabin, fully-furnished.

- Connolly (UK) uxury leather seats. 

- Stereo systems, Sony 32-inch LED TV, Ipad, Apple Tivi.

- President LED droplet lighting system.

- Rolls Royce-style starry sky lighting system.



IBIS 300 Ebisu Subaru Building 3F, Tokyo - Japan, 12/06/2017: Strategy Announcement ceremony of Willer Group  - "The number one in transportation market" in Japan; especially, the DCAR Limousine became the key point of the global strategy of Willer Group from now until 2020.


Last week, DCar completed their procedures of exporting the first fleet of DCar President cars to Kuwait (the sixth richest country with the fifth largest reserves of oil in the world).
This fleet is employed exclusively for transporting VIPs.



On October 6, 2016, a delivery ceremony between DCar and Hyatt Regency Danang was organized, marking the entry of DCar RB into the Hyatt Regency Resort’s high-end transportation fleet. Protection Status