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Last week, DCar completed their procedures of exporting the first fleet of DCar President cars to Kuwait (the sixth richest country with the fifth largest reserves of oil in the world).
This fleet is employed exclusively for transporting VIPs.


The DCar President exported to Kuwait is the latest and most luxurious model for special customers only by Dcar. The other, more popular models have their specific roles:  DCar President is for well-off customers in Vietnam, DCar New is for commercial transportation services on fixed routes, DCar RB is for tourists in hotels or resorts and Fuso DCar Limousine is flexible with 19 seats for different purposes. 




Following initial success in Philippines, DCar has continued to expand their business to foreign countries such as Kuwait.This is indeed an achievement, not only for DCar but also for the entire automobile industry in Vietnam. It has long been known that Vietnam only imports the vehicles and never exports any similar products to other nations. 

DCar President has been praised and exclusively chosen thanks to its unrivaled convenience and uniqueness. This proves that “first-class” cars are not restricted to high-end brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Maybach only. The cars’ top quality is evident in their innovative design and customer-oriented convenience.




By the end of 2016, DCar has produced thousands of DCar Limousines in order to meet the growing demands of first-class travel. The company enjoys annual sales increases year by year. It is projected that in 2017, DCar will expand their production scale and diversify their product range to better cater for customer needs.

Ms. Tran Thi To Oanh - representative of DCar - shares about the company’s plans for long-term development: Following the Kuwait success, we will consider other potential markets in Asia. We wish to provide not only the best car, but also the best complementary services to our customers.





Discover the inside of Dcar President, our export product to Kuwait:

The VIP passenger cabin has 10 leather-covered, freely adjustable seats. There is a folded table attached to each chair, which can turn into a portable working desk for every customer, just like an on-flight business-class seat. The backrest of each VIP chair has 2 built-in DVD screens for everyone’s personalized entertainment, particularly passengers in the last row.

The original suspension component is replaced by a safer, more stable two-way shock absorber system imported from Australia. There are also a wine cabinet and a 22-liter refrigerator cooling down to -5°C.A 32-inch TV separates the driver cabin and the passenger cabin, electronically activated through a button. 

The TV is connected to iPad Air for live streaming of TV programs, or to Apple TV for showing movies available on Itunes. This model is equipped with multi-layer sound-proof walls for the ceiling, both sides, the floor and the undercarriage. Large glass panels are covered with electric curtains imported from the US. Doors to the passenger cabin are redesigned to conveniently open/close by remote controls in either the cabin or the driver’s seat. 


Please watch the clip for more details.

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