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IBIS 300 Ebisu Subaru Building 3F, Tokyo - Japan, 12/06/2017: Strategy Announcement ceremony of Willer Group  - "The number one in transportation market" in Japan; especially, the DCAR Limousine became the key point of the global strategy of Willer Group from now until 2020.

Succeeding various Willer brand predecessors in economic values and brand power, With desire of developing an very new high quality transportation service and competitive price, Mr. Shigetaka Murase, The president of Willer Group officially announced the Strategy leading : 

“To all Place

For all People

By All Ways

With All Organizations and Technology”.

One of the most impressive event was about the DCAR Limousine from Vietnam, they was officially introduced as the new vehicle solution, not only convenient but also morden, became the role in the Strategy of Willer Group.


DCAR President is “World-class aircraft on the ground” with morden and luxurious utilities equiped; DCAR Limousine is "The new generation of transportation car", both are well known as the symbol of convenience, comfort and luxury. The cabin has only 7 seats which makes spacious and personal with all seats made from top-quality Conolly leather: high-class audio SONY system, television 19 inches, wifi, refrigerator… LED water-drop lighting, starry-sky LED lighting system which makes the interior space look larger, more spacious, more luxurious. By all these reasons, DCAR has met the rigorous criteria of the Willer Group when choosing its strategic transportation vehicle.


Mr. Shigetaka Murase, the President of the Willer Group, was proud to announce the launch of DCAR as the official transport vehicle for Willer Group's travel services in Vietnam.

"The presence of luxury DCAR will be a highlight of the high quality and modernity of Willer's entire service chain in Vietnam. The visitors will experience the feeling of comfort and fun while traveling on the journey in Vietnam."

DCAR_Nhat Ban

The Willer Group was found in 1994 with mission to create innovative value in global passenger transport, with more than 500 employees and 12 subsidiaries company in such areas as trade, travel consultancy, railway services, passenger transportation on a fixed route, the Willer Group has become Japan's No. 1 transportation company over the past two decades.

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