DCar’s staffs

In DCar, each department has their own requirements for staffs, but there are some common features in general for all employees: Be professionally trained, highly responsible and disciplined, actively working and constantly improving their abilities to contribute to DCar’s development. doi-ngu-nhan-vien-dcar_4

DCar’s staffs always take the initiative at work. They are engaged, creative, attentive to details, and unified under the guidance of capable managers. We work together to build up DCar’s prestige and professionalism in the market.

Besides goal-oriented business activities, DCar also hosts numerous recreational events for our staffs to socialize, strengthening solidarity of the workforce and enhancing the working culture in the company. 

Through ups and downs in the company history, DCar’s staffs have created incredible values and achieved admirable successes, making DCar a household name as it is today. 

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